RAF delegation in english

  The municipality and the society of "Le Vaudoué en Gâtinais are very honored to invite the inhabitants of the village to participate at the demonstration for giving the best and warmest welcome to the Royal Air Force delegation.


The British ceremony will take place in the cimentary, The  3rd of May 2009  
This ceremony is organized by the Royal Air Force for the commemoration of the air raid from Mailly le camp in the night between the 3 rd and the 4 th of May 1944. This air raid has caused the destruction of the Lancaster bomber DX-M from the 57th Squadron which crashed at the end of the night at the village "Le Vaudoué".
The 3th of May will be devoted by the RAF and the veterans to a tour of many cimenteries, where are or were buried crew members who participated at this raid and had been brought down. 
An exibition and a reception will take place at the "Salle polyvalente"where everyyone will be able to see the result of the researches done by Mr Jacob who has put of the tragic end of the bomber.
The commemorations will go on all the 4 th of May at the Military Camp where a religious ceremony will take place at 9.45 am. Then everybody will be able to visit the Military Camp thanks to an "Open-doors" day.