Research about the Lancaster bomber

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The Village of Vaudoué has the sad privilege to own in its cemetery seven graves of young English and Canadian airmen, who died for the liberation of Europe in 1944. A plaque of commemoration is moreover affixed to the entrance of the cemetery indicating the mention
" War graves of the Commonwealth ".

On every 8th of May and 11th of November, the Municipality, the Association of the War veterans and some villagers honor by a deposit of sprays the memory of these young dead airmen, in commanded service, on the territory of our municipality.

It turns out, over the years, that this tragic event is more and more forgotten or underestimated by Valdéens and Valdéennes although this one made nevertheless part of the historical heritage of our village.

That is why, The association " Le Vaudoué en Gâtinais, son passé, son avenir " and " the Association of the War veterans of the Vaudoué " decided to begin searches to reconstitute the history of this Allied bomber and of its men. 

Diverse contacts have been already taken in France, in England and in Canada to reconstitute this event. Numerous informations are already collected and we know exactly now which type of plane piloted these airmen, which was their mission, where from this plane has taken off from England and finally this mission came to an  tragically end in Le Vaudoué.

We would like to collect  in Le Vaudoué, possible testimonies of persons having be witness, or their children or descendants which could have been keeping family archives (Photos of the wreck, newspapers articles...ect....). 

An appeal is thus launched to all persons who will be able to bring somehow their help to this voluntary association. The possibly lent of documents will be return to their owners.

Thanks for your help!

Contact Mr Jacob 

Phone number: (00 33) 1 64 69 00 94


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